Making Music for Charity

Music. It’s a beautiful gift with the incredible power to bring people together. And thanks to creative musicians, it can now be felt and experienced by everyone, including those with hearing loss.

Jordan Turchio, a talented DJ and producer from Houston, Texas, released a new album this summer titled “Sanctuary” specifically designed for those who are deaf and hard of hearing.

He began his music career in 2005 as “Vandal Heart” and has been pursuing his dream ever since.

“I try to make music that can be heard and felt through vibrations, so that an individual would not necessarily need to hear it,” Jordan said. “More or less, they would be able to feel it.”

Jordan believes his passion for music came from Tom, his grandfather. He was deaf in one ear, but managed a big band swing group before he passed away.

In light of Jordan’s new album, he will be celebrating its debut by donating a portion of his sales to Hearing Charites of America (HCOA).

“I chose HCOA because I wanted to find an organization that caters to individuals who are hard of hearing,” Jordan said. “I think HCOA best fits the description of what I was looking for!”

The new album can be found on Bandcamp, and will be distributed to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and more. In addition to the album, a promotional show will be held at the Houston Underground on September 14 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. There will be no cover, but you must be 18+ to attend. Interested in attending? Check out the event details!

If you are interested in supporting individuals with hearing loss you can make a gift to Hearing Charities of America, or you can purchase the album here.

A portion of every purchase will be donated back to HCOA. Every dollar raised changes a life and creates a healthier hearing world!