New York Boy Scout Collects Life Changing Gifts

In Lynbrook, New York, an ambitious young Boy Scout named Kyle Hassig was in the beginning stages of coordinating and planning his Eagle Scout project. After reflecting on personal and family experiences, Hassig soon realized he had the perfect idea!

It was an idea that would change people’s lives by providing them with a very special and extraordinary gift.

The idea for the project stemmed from Hassig’s relationship with his stepfather, and the challenges he watched him overcome dealing with his hearing loss.

Hassig’s stepfather has been an avid hearing aid user for many years. However, prior to receiving his aid, he was not always able to communicate easily with his family.

“During dinner we had to speak up or repeat things,” Hassig said. “Other times he would pretend he could hear us, as not to embarrass himself.”

After looking back on past experiences, Hassig began to wonder about families in similar situations.

“What is life like for people who do not have hearing aids? Nobody should have to miss out on hearing anything because they can’t afford them,” Hassig said. “So, for my Eagle Scout project, I decided to collect hearing aids for people in need.”

Hassig began his Eagle Scout project in July 2015 and concluded his gift giving journey February 27, 2016.

In order to begin the process of collecting hearing aids, Hassig realized that he needed to develop an efficient method.

He contacted builders for materials, and developed a hearing aid collection box prototype. Once completed, he set up a day to teach local Boy Scouts in his community how to replicate and build the collection boxes.

In total, Hassig and his project volunteers created 10 hearing aid collection boxes that were then placed at local facilities within his community including: audiology centers, funeral homes and nursing homes.

According to Hassig, two of his biggest obstacles in completing his Eagle Scout project dealt with communication and coordination.  However, throughout the process he said he learned a lot about himself, and was incredibly grateful for the experience.

“I learned it takes patience to be a leader, and I think I gained a little patience during this project,” Hassig said. “I was glad to take part in this project. I really hope it can change people’s lives.”

Upon completion, Hassig was able to collect a total of 100 hearing aids. The hearing aids have since been donated and sent to Hearing Charities of America. The hearing aids will be refurbished, and these life changing gifts will soon find a happy home thanks to the ambition and hard work of Boy Scout, Kyle Hassig.