Hearing Charities of America supports those who are deaf or hard of hearing through awareness, volunteerism and philanthropy. We provide resources for hearing professionals, manufacturers and individuals with hearing issues in the communities we serve.

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  • Adopt-An-Agency

    An HCOA Friends Chapter adopts a hearing health not-for-profit as an Affiliate and is then eligible to apply for grants and receive educational materials.

  • CELEBRATE SOUND Don’t Walk in Silence®

    Our premiere turnkey national fund- and awareness-raising event that helps individuals and organizations promote hearing health in their communities.

  • The Hearing Aid Project

    A unique model generates the resources needed to put hearing assistive devices into the hands of low income individuals with collaborative partnerships.

  • A Sound Investment

    Making the sounds through public address and amplified systems in public facilities readily accessible to those that use hearing assistive devices.

  • Scholarships

    Deaf and hard of hearing students and those accepted into hearing-focused careers are encouraged to apply for one of the many scholarships available.

  • SAFEEars!©

    Kids are Listening (for children in third through sixth grade) and Listen Up (for sixth, seventh and eighth graders) activities help young people develop an awareness of hearing and hearing loss.

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