CELEBRATE SOUND® is Hearing Charities of America’s (HCOA) national fund- and awareness-raising event created to help individuals and organizations promote hearing health in our communities.

This premiere event:

  • Is designed as a turn-key fundraising project
  • Is open to all individuals and non-profit organizations
  • Will help you raise funds
  • Helps raise awareness of HCOA, its affiliates, and our hearing health mission
  • Supports our mission to increase awareness and educational opportunities

HCOA and our affiliates are renowned for our hearing health mission. Hearing health agencies, the audiology and speech pathology professions, deaf and hard-of-hearing students – these communities know the impact we make through our grants and scholarships.

But with CELEBRATE SOUND®, we can spread the word beyond these circles. This event is designed as a partnership between the event organizer and HCOA to generate awareness and funding for local needs and our national hearing health mission. Together, we can raise public awareness of hearing health issues and increase funding for educational opportunities.

Anyone can organize a local CELEBRATE SOUND® event

Imagine walking in a picturesque park in spring (May is Better Hearing & Speech Month!) or a golf course in the fall. It could even be a beach, local track or shopping mall. The location possibilities are endless. What’s important is that you and your club members gather new friends, neighbors and others from the community to CELEBRATE SOUND®.

Organizing an event couldn’t be easier or more rewarding. You’ll receive a step-by step guide to organize your local event, plus supplies and resources to implement and promote it. Online event management will make your volunteers’ work simple and easy.

Your CELEBRATE SOUND® tools include:

  • Step-by-step event instructions
  • T-shirt design
  • Event webpage set-up, design and support
  • Online event registration and donations
  • Online tracking of event participants, donors and sponsors
  • Electronic delivery of receipts for donors
  • Printable copies of event forms
  • Sample participant, sponsor and donor letters and emails
  • Insurance through a national provider

As the event organizer, your expenses and supply costs will be paid from the revenues generated by the event. The remaining proceeds (net revenue) will be equally divided between HCOA and the organizer’s local sponsorship.

Take the first step

Ready to take the first step? Please complete the form below and request your CELEBRATE SOUND® information packet. This will include an event proposal and agreement that must be submitted to at least 180 days prior to your proposed event.

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