Silent Walk Creates Noise for Hearing Health

Does the old saying, “silence is louder than words” hold any truth? For a one-of-a-kind hearing health event in Hershey, Pennsylvania, it certainly created quite the uproar in addressing the importance of hearing health.

The CELEBRATE SOUND walk event took place at Hershey Medical Center where around 130-140 people from the community attended.

This event was a combined effort between Hearing Charities of America and Hands and Voices. Both organizations share a united goal and passion of helping those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Susan Vogel, the president of Hands and Voices since 2011, said she was inspired to help plan the event because of her 6-year-old Deaf granddaughter.

“She is my angel,” Vogel added. “But I understand there can be difficulties when raising a child with sensory health problems. We did this walk to help raise funds for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in our community.”

According to Vogel, the atmosphere was fun, light hearted and the event successfully raised $7,000. During the event, participants were handed Sertoma SAFEEars!® and learned about the importance of noise induced hearing loss. Walkers were then encouraged to wear SAFEEars! as a way to simulate hearing loss.

Several sponsors of the event also attended and participated to show their support, including a MGA Insurance company called AMwins Group Inc.

Jill Edwards, an employee at AMwins, walked in the event, and said it was her company’s first time sponsoring.

“It was a good experience, and the first we have attended of its kind,” Edwards said. “Our company thought it was a good cause. It’s not something you hear about a lot in our community.”

All of the money raised will help fund grants, scholarships and will assist families who need additional assistance.

“Our common goal is to bring families together,” Vogel concluded. “We want to help others feel confident. Regardless of your personal situation, you are not alone on your journey.”

(CELEBRATE SOUND is the perfect way for you and your community to share the important message of hearing health. Now is the time to schedule and plan your event for next year. Click now for more information, or email